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Review: This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee
This Monstrous Thing
by Mackenzi Lee
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Publication Date: September 22nd 2015
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780062382771
Genre: Young Adult | Retelling | Sci-Fi
Source: Edelweiss

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In 1818 Geneva, men built with clockwork parts live hidden away from society, cared for only by illegal mechanics called Shadow Boys. Two years ago, Shadow Boy Alasdair Finch’s life shattered to bits.

His brother, Oliver—dead.

His sweetheart, Mary—gone.

His chance to break free of Geneva—lost.

Heart-broken and desperate, Alasdair does the unthinkable: He brings Oliver back from the dead.

But putting back together a broken life is more difficult than mending bones and adding clockwork pieces. Oliver returns more monster than man, and Alasdair’s horror further damages the already troubled relationship.

Then comes the publication of Frankenstein and the city intensifies its search for Shadow Boys, aiming to discover the real life doctor and his monster. Alasdair finds refuge with his idol, the brilliant Dr. Geisler, who may offer him a way to escape the dangerous present and his guilt-ridden past, but at a horrible price only Oliver can pay… (Goodreads)
This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee is a fantastically unique retelling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I can't say that I've read many Frankenstein retelling's up to this point, if any, so I was very excited going into this book. I was definitely not disappointed by the book, and it was a great book to read this month, with Halloween right around the corner!

The main character in the story is Alasdair, a boy who seems to have lost everything, and in his grief proves that he is so much smarter than he seems. Oh, this poor boy. So many things happen to Alasdair throughout the course of this book. I just wanted to jump in the book and give him a great big hug. But, even when everything seemed to go wrong for him, he still proved to be a really strong character, and he was so well written; it was impossible not to like him.

Alasdair was not the only well written character in the story, as there were others that I found myself liking as well, like his brother, Oliver, as well as another girl we meet in the story, Clémence. But while there are some characters you're really going to like, there are a few you're really going to dislike as well. I'm not going to spill the beans on who, so go meet them for yourself!

While the storyline for the book is set around Frankenstein and the time period within, the book also manages to have a complete unique story all on its own as well. The author did a really great job with researching the book beforehand, and I appreciated that so much information not only about Frankenstein, but also about Mary Shelley, was included in the story. It definitely made the book an interesting read.

Overall; I really, really enjoyed This Monstrous Thing so much. It really made for such a great book to read with Halloween coming up, but it's also a great book to read any time of the year! Mackenzi Lee is definitely on my radar now, and I can't wait to read more from her soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cover Reveal: Spark by Holly Schindler

*Cover Reveal*

Hey guys!!

Today I'm helping to reveal the cover for
Holly Schindler's upcoming YA release,
out in stores May 17th, 2016!!

Are you ready for it???

It's pretty gorgeous!!

by Holly Schindler
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Publication Date: May 17th, 2016
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 9780062220233

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When the right hearts come to the Avery Theater—at the right time—the magic will return. The Avery will come back from the dead.

Or so Quin’s great-grandmother predicted many years ago on Verona, Missouri’s most tragic night, when Nick and Emma, two star-crossed teenage lovers, died on the stage. It was the night that the Avery’s marquee lights went out forever.

It sounds like urban legend, but one that high school senior Quin is now starting to believe, especially when her best friend, Cass, and their classmate Dylan step onto the stage and sparks fly. It seems that magic can still unfold at the old Avery Theater and a happier ending can still be had—one that will align the stars and revive not only the decrepit theater, but also the decaying town. However, it hinges on one thing—that Quin gets the story right this time around.

Holly Schindler brings the magic of the theater to life in this tale of family ties, fate, love, and one girl’s quest to rewrite history.


“In my hometown, the restoration of a former movie theater on the town square provided the genesis for my new YA novel, SPARK. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of seeing their name in blazing neon across a gigantic marquee? Let me invite you to dim the lights and draw back the velvet curtains—let your imagination run wild as you enter my fictional Avery Theater, where literally anything goes…”
—Holly Schindler


Holly Schindler is the author of three previous YA novels: PLAYING HURT as well as the critically acclaimed FERAL (starred PW review) and A BLUE SO DARK (starred Booklist review, ForeWord Book of the Year silver medal, IPPY gold medal). A writer of books for all ages, Schindler’s MG, THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY, has made the master list for children’s book awards in Illinois, South Carolina, and Alabama. She is also a hybrid author, having independently released comedic women’s fiction (FIFTH AVENUE FIDOS) and the forthcoming PLAY IT AGAIN, her adult follow-up to her YA PLAYING HURT. She can be reached through her author site:, and hosts special sneak peeks and giveaways for subscribers of her newsletter:


Spark “Premieres” May 17, 2016, but you can buy your “tickets” now.
Links to pre-order -

Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | Goodreads

Add this to your TBR, Bookworms!!
And pre-order your copy too!!

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Waiting on Wednesday #217 - Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry
Walk The Edge
(Thunder Road #2)
by Katie McGarry
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Publication Date: March 29th 2016
Publisher: Harlequin TEEN
ISBN: 9780373211623

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Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository

Razor knows his family is haunted by secrets of the past…

High school senior Thomas "Razor" Turner knows his family has a dark history as part of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club, especially when it comes to the secrecy surrounding his mother’s death.

When Razor starts to dig deeper into his mum's case he turns to the unlikeliest source for help: classmate Breanna Miller, the shy, smart girl he's never looked twice at. But the more time they spend together, the more they realise they actually have in common, and how attracted to each other they really are.

When secrets from the past are revealed can their newfound feelings survive? (Goodreads)

I am SO super excited for Walk the Edge!!
I was super curious about Razor when I read Nowhere But Here,
and I really, really want to know more of his story.
March is not going to get here soon enough!!
**"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine,
that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.**

Review: A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis
A Madness So Discreet
by Mindy McGinnis
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Publication Date: October 6th 2015
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780062320865
Genre: Young Adult | Historical | Mystery-Thriller
Source: Edelweiss

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Grace Mae knows madness.

She keeps it locked away, along with her voice, trapped deep inside a brilliant mind that cannot forget horrific family secrets. Those secrets, along with the bulge in her belly, land her in a Boston insane asylum.

When her voice returns in a burst of violence, Grace is banished to the dark cellars, where her mind is discovered by a visiting doctor who dabbles in the new study of criminal psychology. With her keen eyes and sharp memory, Grace will make the perfect assistant at crime scenes. Escaping from Boston to the safety of an ethical Ohio asylum, Grace finds friendship and hope, hints of a life she should have had. But gruesome nights bring Grace and the doctor into the circle of a killer who stalks young women. Grace, continuing to operate under the cloak of madness, must hunt a murderer while she confronts the demons in her own past.

In this beautifully twisted historical thriller, Mindy McGinnis, acclaimed author of Not a Drop to Drink and In a Handful of Dust, explores the fine line between sanity and insanity, good and evil—and the madness that exists in all of us.
A Madness So Discreet is the very first book I've read by the super talented Mindy McGinnis, although I've had her previous books, Not a Drop to Drink and In a Handful of Dust on my to-be-read list for quite a while now. Not only did the story sound awesome, but the cover is just absolutely stunning. I was super excited to finally read something by McGinnis, as I'd heard nothing but good things about her books. I definitely was not disappointed with this book!

The main character in the story is Grace, a young girl who holds too many secrets, and one in particular that lands her in an insane asylum. But Grace is not insane; not even close. Instead she is super smart, is given the opportunity to prove so when she is discovered by a doctor who is visiting the asylum. I found Grace to be a very interesting and unique character. You couldn't help but love her for all the things that she has been through in her young life, and the more these secrets come out as the story goes along, the more you will grow to love her.

Not only is Grace a great character, but there are so many other wonderful characters in the story that you will grow attached to. Of course, there will be some that you will absolutely hate with a passion, but the ones that you will love will completely overwhelm you with how awesome they are.  There are almost too many to mention, so go read the book and meet them for yourself!

The storyline for the book was quite addictive and completely engrossing. I didn't really know what to expect when I first started the book, and I found myself surprised by the direction the book takes. At first, the storyline had one sort of feel to it, then it took a turn and had a completely different feel to it. I enjoyed that McGinnis kept me guessing as I turned the pages.

I really loved the historical parts of the book, although some things were completely terrifying. Like the face that it only took a male family member and a judge to determine that a woman was 'insane', and therefore could be locked away for the rest of her life. So. Not. Cool. And then there are the asylums that were mentioned in the stories, one in which was absolutely horrible. I can't even imagine a place like that existing, although, sadly, I'm sure it did during this time period.

Overall; A Madness So Discreet has it all; a great storyline, wonderful characters, and a stunningly gorgeous cover. I'm so glad I added this book to my collection, and now I'm pretty excited to read more by McGinnis as soon as possible!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Wrap Up & Book Haul

*Books Read in September*

After You by Jojo Moyes
Dumplin' by Julie Murphy
Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson
Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee

*September Book Haul*

Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between by Jennifer E. Smith
One by Sarah Crossan
Mirrored by Alex Flinn
The Unquiet by Mikaela Everett
A Song for Ella Grey by David Almond
After You by Jojo Moyes
Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Underwater by Marisa Reichardt
These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas
No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista
After the Woods by Kim Savage
Concentra8 by William Sutcliffe
Simon Thorn and the Wolf's Den by Aimee Carter
Rebel Bully Geek Pariah by Erin Jade Lange

The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows
The Leaving Season by Cat Jordan
Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman
The Lies About the Truth by Courtney C. Stevens


September has been yet another busy month for me,
and I've not had a chance to read as many books as I had hoped to.
Sad face.
I did, however, have a pretty amazing book haul!!
I've really enjoyed the books that I've already read this month,
and I'm super excited to start the ones I haven't!!

How many books did you read in September??
Any awesome books added to your collection??
Leave a comment and tell me about it!!

Waiting on Wednesday #216 - The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
The Unexpected Everything
by Morgan Matson
Website | Twitter | Facebook

Publication Date: May 16th 2016
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: n/a

Available for Pre-Order:
Amazon | The Book Depository

Andie had it all planned out.

When you are a politician’s daughter who’s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both. Especially your future.

Important internship? Check.

Amazing friends? Check.

Guys? Check (as long as we’re talking no more than three weeks)

But that was before the scandal. Before having to be in the same house with her dad. Before walking an insane number of dogs. That was before Clark and those few months that might change her whole life.

Because here’s the thing - if everything's planned out, you can never find the unexpected.

And where’s the fun in that? (Goodreads)

It's a new Morgan Matson book!!
This makes me SOOOO happy.
This cover. This summary.
Everything. Sounds. AWESOME!!
I totally can't wait to check it out. :)
**"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine,
that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.**

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