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My Thoughts: Meg and Linus by Hanna Nowinski
Meg & Linus
by Hanna Nowinski

Publication Date: April 18th 2017
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781250098603
Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary
Source: Review Copy

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Can friendship, Star Trek, drama club, and a whole lot of coffee get two nerdy best friends through the beginning of their senior year of high school?

Meg and Linus are best friends bound by a shared love of school, a coffee obsession, and being queer. It’s not always easy to be the nerdy lesbian or gay kid in a suburban town. But they have each other. And a few Star Trek boxed sets. They're pretty happy.

But then Sophia, Meg’s longtime girlfriend, breaks up with Meg. Linus starts tutoring the totally dreamy new kid, Danny—and Meg thinks setting them up is the perfect project to distract herself from her own heartbreak. But Linus isn’t so sure Danny even likes guys, and maybe Sophia isn't quite as out of the picture as Meg thought she was. . . .

From crowdsourced young adult imprint Swoon Reads comes Meg & Linus by Hanna Nowinski, a fun friendship story about two quirky teens who must learn to get out of their comfort zones and take risks—even if that means joining the drama club, making new friends, and learning how to stand on your own. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts...

To be completely honest, the first thing that drew me to Meg & Linus by Hanna Nowinski was the absolutely adorable cover. (I can’t help it, I adore a good cover.) Then I read the summary for the book, and knew that it was something that I needed to read. This book was super cute; a diverse story of love and friendship. I really enjoyed reading it!

In the story we follow Meg and Linus, who happen to be the bestest nerdy friends ever, through the first half of their senior year of high school. The story is told from the alternate perspectives of Meg, who just broke up with her long-time girlfriend, and Linus, who is experiencing his first ever crush on the new boy Danny. I really enjoyed reading the story from the alternative perspectives, as Linus was absolutely adorable experiencing his first crush ever, and my heart completely went out to Meg as she learned to cope with her breakup. I love these two characters, and their friendship was something super special. There were a lot of really great secondary characters as well.

The storyline for the book was super cute. It was about friendship, and being nerdy, and first loves and losses. But mostly it was about the friendship between Meg and Linus, which was great, and had its ups and downs just like everything in life. And I love that while the story had swoon-worthy moments for the characters, it was mainly about their friendship. There should definitely be more books in the world like this!

Overall; Meg & Linus was a super cute read, and I’m glad I was able to fit it into my TBR this month! I’m super curious to read more by Hanna Nowinski in the future! Do check out Meg and Linus for a super cute, diverse story of love and friendship!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week in Review • Week 16

Hey, Bookworms!!
Has this weekend been really great, or what??
Yesterday was Earth Day, and today is WORLD BOOK DAY!!
I looooove days where we get to celebrate the Earth, AND books.

Here's what I've been up to this week!!

This week I read two review books, the first was Fireworks by Katie Cotugno, which you can see my thoughts for here, and also Meg & Linus by Hanna Nowinski, which I'm hoping to have my thoughts up for soon.

I also read Big Mushy Happy Lump by Sarah Andersen, which is book 2 in her Sarah Scribbles series. I love these graphic books SO much. They are so very relatable. If you haven't read them, do it.

I also read This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen for my Sarah Dessen Readathon! I can't believe that I'm actually keeping up with this readathon. Usually I'm waaaay behind by now, but I'm actually keeping up! (It helps that the books are just SO good as well!)

I also re-read To All The Boys I've Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han, to refresh my brain before Always and Forever, Lara Jean is released next month. I'm SO excited for the new book now, I can't hardly stand it!

This week I managed to squeeze in two movies, the first being The Boss Baby, which was SO cute and the kids really loved it, and the second being Before Sunrise, which I watched with  my book club girls and had never seen before.

I'm still behind on ALL the shows I've been watching recently, but I'm hoping to get caught up on those soon.

Not much else has been going on lately, thanks to my super overwhelming TBR. Haha! Six books in one week wasn't bad at all, but I'm still a bit behind, unfortunately. I am, however, almost completely caught up on my April TBR, I believe. Which is a good thing, because I *really* need to get started on my May TBR, which I am kind of dreading. ALL THE BOOKS COME OUT IN MAY!! Haha!

That's all for me this week, I suppose, so...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sarah Dessen Readathon: Dreamland
by Sarah Dessen
Website | Twitter | Facebook

Publication Date: September 1st 2000 (first published)
Publisher: Speak
Pages: 250
ISBN: 9780142401750
Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary
Source: Own

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Love can be a very dangerous thing.

After her sister left, Caitlin felt lost.

Then she met Rogerson.

When she's with him, nothing seems real.

But what happens when being with Rogerson becomes a larger problem than being without him? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts...

Dreamland is the fourth book in my list to read for my Sarah Dessen Readathon, and it's one of the few books by Sarah that I've not yet read. To be honest, I've actually started to read this book in the past, and have promptly put it aside. For a reason. I know it deals with abuse, and books dealing with abuse tend to make me very angry. But, I wanted to read the book for this readathon, so I decided to dive in. I'm glad I did, as I can now finally mark it off the list of books I've read by Sarah.

I've read a lot of books lately where I've really been able to connect and relate to the main character, and this book was no exception. I totally get where Caitlyn was coming from regarding her parents and her sister, and I totally get why she did some of the things that she did. Been there, done that. And while I've never experienced firsthand the abuse that Caitlyn went through in the story, I do know someone close who has, so I instantly picked up on the signs from Rogerson. Maybe it's the overprotective parent in me as well, but I just know to watch for these things. It made me SO mad that no one around Caitlyn could see it. Seriously, I wanted to shout at everyone to OPEN THEIR EYES and see what is going on with this girl! Argh. This made me SO angry for her.

I knew going into Dreamland that the storyline for the book would be a lot darker than I am used to by Sarah. I totally prepared for this. I'm really astonished at how much darker it was. And though the storyline made me so angry, I'm also glad that books like this exist in the world, so that maybe someone reading the book is experiencing the same thing as Caitlyn will be able to relate. I wanted SO badly for Caitlyn to just talk to SOMEONE, to tell them what she was going through. There are people out there to help! No one should have to go what she went through.


Overall; Dreamland was a hard book to read, but I'm so glad I finally did. I'm totally going to have both of my girls read it asap. Now I'm moving on to the next book on my list, This Lullaby, which I have read before, but I am super excited to read again!! :)

My Thoughts: Fireworks by Katie Cotugno
by Katie Cotugno
Website | Twitter | Tumblr

Publication Date:April 11th 2018
Publisher: HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780062660244
Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary
Source: For Review

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From Katie Cotugno, bestselling author of 99 Days, comes Fireworks—about a girl who is competing with her best friend to become the new pop star of the moment—and all the drama and romance that comes with it—set in Orlando during the late-'90s boy-and-girl-band craze.

It was always meant to be Olivia. She was the talented one, the one who had been training to be a star her whole life. Her best friend, Dana, was the level-headed one, always on the sidelines, cheering her best friend along.

But everything changes when Dana tags along with Olivia to Orlando for the weekend, where superproducer Guy Monroe is holding auditions for a new singing group, and Dana is discovered too. Dana, who’s never sung more than Olivia’s backup. Dana, who wasn’t even looking for fame. Next thing she knows, she and Olivia are training to be pop stars, and Dana is falling for Alex, the earnest, endlessly talented boy who’s destined to be the next big thing.

It should be a dream come true, but as the days of grueling practice and constant competition take their toll, things between Olivia and Dana start to shift . . . and there’s only room at the top for one girl. For Olivia, it’s her chance at her dream. For Dana, it’s a chance to escape a future that seems to be closing in on her. And for these lifelong best friends, it’s the adventure of a lifetime—if they can make it through.

Set in evocative 1990s Orlando, New York Times bestselling author Katie Cotugno’s Fireworks brings to life the complexity of friendship, the excitement of first love, and the feeling of being on the verge of greatness. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts...

I was super curious to get started on Fireworks by Katie Cotugno, especially after reading her previous book, 99 Days, last year and really enjoying it. I had the pleasure of meeting Katie not too long ago, and she's such a fun person, and it really reflects in her writing!

The first thing that had me excited to read Fireworks was that it was set in the 90's. That was my era! The decade of boy bands and pop star girls. I fully expected to be completely immersed in memories of my childhood, but this book actually read just like any other contemporary novel, just minus the modern technologies. Not that there was anything wrong with that; it's always interesting to see someone else's version of the past. The book is filled with lots of drama, and the end took a bit of an unexpected twist that I didn't see coming, (but should have expected). It was also a really quick read. I read it in just a few hours time!

It was interesting to read the story from the main character, Dana's, perspective. She wants nothing more than to get out of her small town, and when the opportunity arrives to have something more, she totally jumps on it. I didn't really care for her best friend, Olivia, who seemed really great at first, or her mom, who made me cringe more than once. But I did like Alex, who is in a boy band, and who is really pretty awesome. I think he was my favorite character in the story. *grin*

Overall; Fireworks was a quick, interesting read. It's a definitely a book have on your spring and summer reading lists. I still need to read Katie's How to Love, which I'm hoping to get to soon, and I'm also excited for her next book, Top Ten, which is set to release in the Fall!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week in Review • Week 15

I want to start this post today by saying Happy Easter to those who celebrate today!

I don't have too much to update this week, as it's been kind of insane with sick kids and such, but I do have a few things to share!

This week I read two books. (I know, I know... last week I said I have four to read. *blush*)
I did read two of those books, and DNFed another one, unfortunately. I have another book I'm almost finished with, so hopefully I can get caught up on it and a few others this week!

I read The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli this week, and it's SO good. You can check out my thoughts for it here! If you liked Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, you will totally love this book.

I also read Dreamland for my Sarah Dessen Readathon, which was my first time reading the book. I'll be sharing my thoughts for the book tomorrow, but let's just say that this book was really well written, but made me pretty darn angry.

No movies or shows to update this week, although I did catch the last 5 minutes of Riverdale, and AHHHH!! The mom!! I have so many shows that I need to catch up on. It's so overwhelming!

This week has been insane! I didn't get as much reading done as I had hoped, but I DID get my garden out, which was really fun and completely exhausting at the same time. I really, really hope my veggies grow, the squash in particular, because I love a good grilled squash. Yum!

I'm hoping to have a really normal week next week. My plan is to finish up my April review books, so that I can get an early start on my May TBR. I currently have 16 review books on my May TBR. SIXTEEN! That's no including all the books I have preordered that I want to read, and the Sarah Dessen Readathon books as well. Yikes! I better get on those, and soon. :)

That's about all for my week this week, so...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday #298 - Changes in Latitudes by Jen Malone
Changes in Latitudes
by Jen Malone
Website | Twitter | Instagram

Publication Date: July 25th 2017
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 9780062380173
Available for Pre-Order:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository

A "road" trip romance that takes place at sea!

All Cassie wants is to get some solid ground under her feet following the shock of her parents' divorce. So when she learns of her mom's plans to take Cassie and her brother, Drew, on a four-month sailing trip from Oregon to Mexico, she's stunned. There is absolutely nothing solid about the Pacific Ocean.

Cassie is furious. And nervous. It's been hard enough keeping Drew sheltered from what Cassie knows about her mother's role in breaking their family apart, but living in such close quarters threatens to push her anger past its tipping point. Enter Jonah, a whip-smart deckhand who's as gorgeous as he is flirtatious. Cassie tries to keep him at a distance, but the more time they spend together--wandering San Francisco, riding beachside roller coasters, and exploring the California coastline--the harder it is to fight the attraction.

​Cassie wants to let herself go, but her parents' split has left her feeling adrift in a sea of questions she can't even begin to answer. Can she forgive her mom? Will home ever feel the same? Should she take a chance on Jonah? With life's unpredictable tides working against her, Cassie must decide whether to swim against them... or dive right in. (Goodreads)

Ahhh, does this book sound the MOST PERFECT summer read, or what?
I read Jen's Wanderlost last year and really enjoyed the story,
and I'm super excited to check out this new book as well!!
Is it July yet??
**"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine,
that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.**

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