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Book & Movie Review: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner #DashnerDash
The Scorch Trials
(The Maze Runner #2)
by James Dashner
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Publication Date: October 12th 2010
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9780385738750
Genre: Young Adult | Sci-Fi | Dystopian
Source: Own

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Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end.

Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn’t done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch.

There are no rules. There is no help. You either make it or you die.

The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch—the most burned-out section of the world. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them.

Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken. All bets are off.

There are others now. Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction—and they’re determined to survive. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts...

I started my re-read of The Scorch Trials for part of #DashnerDash, a binge read of the Maze Runner series by James Dashner, and also because I haven't seen the movie yet, and I almost always have to read the book before I watch the movie. It was great to re-read this story again, as most of the story wasn't as clear in my mind as when I reread The Maze Runner, so it was nice to get in a little refresher!!

I first read The Scorch Trials a few years ago, and as with the first book, my first time reading it was actually listening to it on an audiobook. I enjoyed reading the print version this time, and I feel like I gained a little more information this go around. As I mentioned above, there was a lot that I have forgotten from the story, and it was almost like reading it for the first time.

I know I may have said this in my previous review of The Maze Runner, but I really, really love so many of the characters in this book, and I adore the friendships that have been forged between them. Thomas, Minho and Newt are such great friends. With all the things that they have to go through as the story goes along, you can't help but appreciate their friendship.

The storyline for the book is just as addictive as that of the first book, and I was completely hooked throughout the story, waiting to see what was going to happen next. I have read this book before, and I was still hooked! I love rereading a story and enjoying it as much as I did the first time.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the movie for this book just as much as I did the first movie. I'm not usually a fan of movie adaptations that have lots of changes in them, but I was so engrossed  as the movie went along, that they didn't really bother me. I love the cast of characters. They are perfection, and I can't wait to see them all again in the next movie!!

Overall; Both the book and the movie were great additions to this awesome series, and I can't to continue the read-along and dive into The Death Cure next!! You still have time to join along in the series if you haven't already!

The Movie Trailer

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday #248 - Replica by Lauren Oliver

by Lauren Oliver
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Publication Date: October 4th 2016
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062394163

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Gemma has been in and out of hospitals since she was born. 'A sickly child', her lonely life to date has revolved around her home, school and one best friend, Alice. But when she discovers her father's connection to the top secret Haven research facility, currently hitting the headlines and under siege by religious fanatics, Gemma decides to leave the sanctuary she's always known to find the institute and determine what is going on there and why her father's name seems inextricably linked to it.

Amidst the frenzy outside the institute's walls, Lyra - or number 24 as she is known as at Haven - and a fellow experimental subject known only as 72, manage to escape. Encountering a world they never knew existed outside the walls of their secluded upbringing , they meet Gemma and, as they try to understand Haven's purpose together, they uncover some earth-shattering secrets that will change the lives of both girls forever... (Goodreads)

A new book by Lauren Oliver, yo!!
I've actually had an ARC of this book for a while now,
and haven't had a chance to get to it yet.
(That's something that I will be remedying ASAP!)
I can't wait to add this book to my collection,
it's going to look great on my shelf!!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review: The Gilded Cage by Lucinda Gray
The Gilded Cage
by Lucinda Gray

Publication Date: August 2nd 2016
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Pages: 245
ISBN: 9781627791816
Genre: Young Adult | Historical Fiction | Mystery
Source: Review Copy

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After growing up on a farm in Virginia, Walthingham Hall in England seems like another world to sixteen-year-old Katherine Randolph. Her new life, filled with the splendor of upper-class England in the 1820s, is shattered when her brother mysteriously drowns. Katherine is expected to observe the mourning customs and get on with her life, but she can't accept that her brother's death was an accident.

A bitter poacher prowls the estate, and strange visitors threaten the occupants of the house. There's a rumor, too, that a wild animal stalks the woods of Walthingham. Can Katherine retain her sanity long enough to find out the truth? Or will her brother's killer claim her life, too? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts...

The very first thing that drew me in to The Gilded Cage by Lucinda Gray was it's absolutely stunning cover. I'll admit it, I can't resist a book with such a gorgeous cover. Then I started the story, and was immediately hooked by that as well!

The main character in the story, Katherine, was super easy to like. She spent her whole life growing up in Virginia and was well able to take care of herself when she gained an inheritance and moved to England. You'd think one would have a hard time fitting in in this situation, but she did so perfectly. And when everything started going wrong, she kept her head the whole time, even when people tried to prove that she was crazy. I really enjoyed Katherine as a character!

The storyline for the book was very mysterious, and at times, a little creepy, which I absolutely loved. I loved the time period for the story as well, as it just made the storyline so much more interesting, and of course, made the mystery factor even more mysterious. I also liked that this book was a really quick read, coming in at just 245 pages, I had the book read in no time!

Overall; The Gilded Cage is the first book I've read by Lucinda Gray, but it definitely won't be the last! This story had me hooked, I enjoyed so much about it, and I'm really looking forward to reading more by Gray in the future!

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Have Been On My TBR From Before I Started Blogging

August 23: Ten Books That Have Been On Your Shelf (Or TBR)
From Before You Started Blogging That You STILL Haven't Read Yet

1. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - Lauren Oliver is one of the first authors I read when I first started blogging, and I'm kicking myself because I STILL haven't read Before I Fall!! This will chance, SOON!

2. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson - Seriously, I've had this book on my TBR for wayyyy to long. I need to get to it soon, as well as I'll Give You the Sun!!

3. The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan - I started the Percy Jackson series before I ever started blogging, and then I discovered the HUGE world of books, and completely forgot to start the Heroes of Olympus series. I need to do a massive binge read of ALL Riordans books that I'm behind on!!

4. Across the Universe by Beth Revis - I wanted to read this book SO badly when I first started blogging, and I still haven't gotten to it yet!! *Sad Face* I adore sci-fi books at the moment, so I must get to this one soon!

5. Cloaked by Alex Flinn- I've only read one book by Flynn so far, (Beastly), but I've had ALL her other books on my TBR for forever, including Cloaked!! I really need to get caught up on these books.

6. Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce - I really, really meant to get to this book sooner, as everyone I know that has read it really loves the book (series), and I have to admit, I'm SUPER curious to see what happens! I need to bump this up on my TBR!

7. Possess by Gretchen McNeil- I actually have quite a few books by Gretchen McNeil that I need to read, but I have a copy of Possess sitting on my shelf, just waiting for me to start it! I wonder if it would make a good Halloween read?!

8. The Luxe by Anna Godbersen - As most of you know, I'm a HUGE fan of books with gorgeous covers, and I've ALWAYS loved the cover of The Luxe!! WHY have I not read this series already??

9. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan - How have I not read this book?? And, gasp, I haven't seen the movie either! I must remedy this soon!!

10. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles - I have had this whole series on my TBR since way before I started blogging. Your guess is as good as mine as to why I haven't read it already, but I MUST READ IT SOON!! :)

This is just a small bit of books that I've had on my TBR/Shelf since before I started blogging.
I have SOOOOOO many books that I need to read, but I keep on my buy more anyways.
Shhh, don't tell my Hubby that!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Please leave a link to your post so I can see what books are Still on your TBR!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Review: How to Keep Rolling After a Fall by Karole Cozzo

How to Keep Rolling After a Fall
by Karole Cozzo
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Publication Date: August 2nd 2016
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781250079282
Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary
Source: Review Copy

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After a cyber bullying incident turns her life upside down, a handsome wheelchair rugby player shows a former mean girl that everyone deserves a second chance.

The party was at her house. The photos were posted to her Facebook account. That's all the evidence anyone needed to condemn Nikki Baylor for a cyberbullying incident that humiliated a classmate and nearly resulted in the girl's suicide. Now Nikki's been expelled from her old school, her friends have abandoned her, and even her own parents can't look her in the eye. With her plans for the future all but destroyed, Nikki resigns herself to being the girl everyone hates - almost as much as she hates herself. But then Nikki meets Pax, a spirited wheelchair rugby player who knows what it's like when one mistake completely shatters your life. Refusing to judge her because of her past, he shows her that everyone deserves a second chance... and everyone deserves to be loved.

My Thoughts...

How to Keep Rolling After a Fall is the second book I've read by the super talented Karole Cozzo. I read her previous book, How to Say I Love You Out Loud last year when it first came out, and really enjoyed the story, so I was super excited to read something new by her. How to Keep Rolling After a Fall definitely did not disappoint!!

Nikki was a mean girl through and through, and one night things went too far, which resulted in the complete humiliation of one of her classmates. Now she's been abandoned by her friends, expelled from her school, and even her own parents don't look at her the same way anymore. But then she meets Pax, a rugby player in a wheelchair, who shows her that second chances really can happen.

I really didn't think I was going to like Nikki when we first met in the book. Her past definitely made her one of those people I always tried to avoid in high school. But as the story went along, I realized that she was a person that had remorse for what she did, I felt she truly regretted her actions. She definitely grew on me as the story went along, and it was interesting to read the story through the eyes of the bully, and not the victim.

There were some really great secondary characters in the story as well, including Pax, who I loved from the beginning. *Wink*I have to admit, I absolutely adore the relationship between Nikki and Pax, not only because there were lots of swoon-worthy moments between them, but because I felt like they totally understood each other in a way a lot of people don't. Even after finding out what Nikki had done, he gave her a chance to prove who she really was, and he liked her despite her past. And, as I mentioned before, the romance between the two was super sweet, and I really loved it.

I love that the storyline for the book has a great message about cyber bullying and the consequences of the actions you make in life. I love so much that there are books like this in the world, for people who may be going through something similar, as either the one being bullied to show that there is hope, and to a would-be bully, to show that there are definitely consequences to any action you make.

Overall; How to Keep Rolling After a Fall is definitely one of the best books I've read so far this year. I loved everything from the characters, to the story, and definitely the message it sent out. Karole Cozzo is definitely an author I'm keeping my eye out for in the future. I'm really looking forward to reading more by her soon!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday #247 - Leave Me by Gayle Forman
Leave Me
by Gayle Forman
Website | Twitter | Facebook

Publication Date: September 6th 2016
Publisher: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 9781616206178

Available for Pre-Order:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository

International bestselling author Gayle Forman's trademark humor and insight abound in this masterful adult debut, showing us that sometimes you have to leave home in order to find it again.

For every woman who has ever fantasized about driving past her exit on the highway instead of going home to make dinner, for every woman who has ever dreamed of boarding a train to a place where no one needs constant attention--meet Maribeth Klein. A harried working mother who's so busy taking care of her husband and twins, she doesn't even realize she's had a heart attack.

Afterward, surprised to discover that her recuperation seems to be an imposition on those who rely on her, Maribeth does the unthinkable: She packs a bag and leaves. But, as is so often the case, once we get to where we're going, we see our lives from a different perspective. Far from the demands of family and career and with the help of liberating new friendships, Maribeth is finally able to own up to secrets she has been keeping from those she loves and from herself.

With big-hearted characters who stumble and trip, grow and forgive, Leave Me is about facing our fears. Gayle Forman, a dazzling observer of human nature, has written an irresistible novel that confronts the ambivalence of modern motherhood head-on. (Goodreads).

A new book by Gayle Forman!!
Is anyone else as excited as I am about this book??
I've really enjoyed all the books I've read of hers so far,
and I'm looking forward to reading this adult novel as well.
It comes out in September, so be sure to add it to your TBR!!
**"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine,
that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.**

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