Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Am Thankful For

November 26

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For

1. My Husband and Children – My family is the one thing in the world that I am the most thankful for. I have the most amazing husband and three wonderful children. My life has truly been blessed, and I am thankful everyday that I have these four beautiful people in my life.

2. Books – I love books. I love to read. I would rather sit at home and read a book than do just about anything else. Haha!  Reading is my escape from the world, the adventures that I can take without even leaving the house. I can read a book and completely space out and forget my troubles and worries.

3. My Blog – My blog is coming up on its 3 year anniversary in a few weeks, and I am SO very glad that I decided to start it on a whim. Who would have thought that it would have made it this long? While 2013 hasn’t been the best year for my blog, I’m hoping to have an amazing blogging year in 2014!

4. Book Blogging Community – I absolutely adore the book blogging community. I have met SO many awesome people, some that have become really great friends. Book bloggers are the people that I can relate to the most—people that love to read just as much as I do!

5.  Technology – I can’t imagine not having technology. Where would I be without my laptop and internet? In the crazy house, probably!

6. Pinterest - Pinterest has become another of my most favorite websites. I love pinning and repinning everything from book related quotes to home remedies and organization tips. But not only that, I have a few boards that describe my life, and people seem to find it relatable. I love this; it makes me feel a little less weird about myself.

7. Family – There are a few select people in my family that I am very thankful for. While the rest of my family seems absolutely determined to make me crazy, there are a select few that are always there for me, and I am very thankful for them.

8.  Apple Products - There was once a time in my past when I said I would never own an Apple product. I don’t know what in the world I was thinking, because I definitely can’t imagine my life without them now! I love my iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. I do a lot of reading on all three of these devices, and they have definitely been a lifesaver for me.

9. My Pets - I am a fur-mommy to three cool cats; Baby Kitty, Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennett and a sweet, lovable dog; Molly.  While they drive me up the wall at times, I am insanely attached to these creatures, and can’t imagine my life without them.

10. Authors – I am so very thankful that the world is full of so many talented authors that write their stories for us to read. What would the world be like without all of these awesome books to read?

That's my Top Ten list!
What Ten Things are you Thankful for??

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  1. I agree with each and every one of those -- they're all on my list, too!

  2. A wonderful list :-) I'm also thankful for the book blogging community. A very friendly bunch!

  3. Your pet names rock my world. lol Great list! It is very similar to mine. I try not to use Pinterest too much because it gets addicting and then somehow I waste hours of my day.

    My Top Ten

  4. Ooh very nice list! I love how we all choose bookish or non bookish things! Of course it's still 50/50 on some! I just thought of doing something akin to half n half!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. A lovely list! Ha at Apple products, I was the *exact* same & now, like you, can't live without them!

    Cait x

  6. My husband and I were the same way with Apple, now all our computers and most of our other technology is Apple. :)

  7. Happy early anniversary! I'm thankful for so many of the same things as you, but especially this community. It's so great!

  8. I love Apple products soooo much! The only thing we are missing in my house is Apple TV. Trying to decide if we should get it... or not be lazy and just get up and hook the wires up to the TV.

  9. I absolutely love that you featured Techology and Apple!! I'm a complete nerd and always get reallyyyyy excited about these things! I mean, I wasn't ready to spend so much money on a macbook almost a year ago and bought a windows laptop. Uhh, still sort of regretting it. But I got an ipad mini for my birthday and uhh...I'm SO in love!!

  10. A wonderful list! I don't know what I'd do without my amazing friends and family. I love my blog as well, it's very new but I am loving it so far! My TTT.


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