Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have

February 17:
Ten Book Related Problems I Have

1. SO many books, so little time. -- Seriously, sometimes my to-read pile gets a little overwhelming. But I can't stop getting books from the library, buying books, and requesting review books. It's an obsession!

2. Book Buying Issues. -- I have a problem where I buy books that I REALLY want to read, and then find myself never having time to read them because I'm always reading something else!

3. I like books more than people. -- Admit it, we all like our books more than *most* people. There are always exceptions, like my closest family and friends.

4. Reading too late. -- I always stay up too late reading, but I have no regrets the next day. I know I shouldn't do it, as I have enough problems sleeping as it is, but I can't help but stay up late at night reading. :)

5. I always have a book with me EVERYWHERE I go. -- In some form or another, I have a book with me. In my purse, on my iPad, on my iPhone... I always have reading options available.

6. Reading is more fun that just about anything else. -- This is pretty self explanatory.

7. Book Hangovers. -- Being SO wrapped up in a book or series that I can't even think straight after I finish them.

8. Book mail. -- Having to restrain yourself from tackle hugging the mail mail/UPS man when you know you have books in the mail.

9. Interruptions when reading. -- I can go a whole day without anyone bothering me, but as soon as I pick up a book, I'm interrupted every 5 seconds, and it makes me insane!

10. Book Photos. Not only am I obsessed with reading books, and smelling books, and buying books... I also love taking pictures of books and browsing through pictures of books on Instagram and Tumblr. :)

 Well, these were supposed to be book problems, but they don't really seem like problems to me! haha!


  1. So many books, so little time is right ... I can't imagined this one not being on everyone's list this week.

  2. Book hangover are real, after I finished The Bronze Horseman I was in dream land for days. I still think about it.

  3. I have the same book buying issues. I get so excited about a book, buy it, and then it sits there because I'm reading other books. Sometimes they sit there for a long time lol!

  4. I love these! I can relate to them ALL. And I don't see it as a problem. ;) Book people ARE the best people!!

  5. Wow, I relate to so many of these! Spending too much on new books, staying up too late to read, liking books more than people ("I think I'll stay home Friday night with my book instead of going out."). And I've totally become obsessed with book photos! They're so fun to take!

  6. You're list of too many books, not enough time fits me perfectly. I'm completely the same way. At least this is a "fun problem" though right?


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