Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People to Follow

April 5: Ten Bookish People You Should Follow

Hi Bookworms!!
Today I'm sharing with you some really awesome bookish people,
on different forms of social media, that you should totally follow!!

I don't really use ALL the social media platforms that I have very often,
so today I'm sharing with you some of my faves from the ones I do try to use.


1. Tracey at Young Adult Book Addict has some of the most awesome
pictures on Instagram!! I love following her, she's so creative and I'm
always looking forward to seeing what she post next.
Follow her HERE!!


2. Hikari at Folded Pages Distillery is another great Instagrammer who posts
some really awesome pictures!! You should totally check her out.
Follow her HERE!!


3. I've been following Andie at _HalfBloodPrincess for a while now,
and I LOVE HER FEED!! SO many great photos.
Follow her HERE!!


4. I just recently discovered Summer at Butter My Books on Tumblr,
and I love her feed so much!! She's also on Instagram, so you
should check her out there as well!!
Follow her HERE!!


5. Chloe at Throne Of Pages is another that I just recently discovered on Tumblr.
I first discovered her on Instagram, and am following her in both places now.
Such a lovely feed! Check it out!!
Follow her HERE!!


6. Another lovely feed to follow is Luana at Introverted Bookworm!!
Ok, as soon as I saw the word Introvert in her title,
I knew she was someone that I'd have to follow.
You should too!!
Follow her HERE!!


6. You should totally check out Kathy on Twitter, because she's my best bookish buddy,
and she posts ALL the great things, and always knows what's going on
in the bookish world!!
Follow her HERE!!

7. If you're not already doing so, you should totally follow Sarah at TheBookTraveler!!
She has the best tweets, and I love following her!!
Follow her HERE!!

8. I totally love following RosettaBooks!!
Their posts... they just totally get me!!
Follow them HERE!!

9. Another great bookish account to follow is The Reading Room!!
Just like RosettaBooks, The Reading Room totally gets me.
I love how relatable their tweets are!!
Follow them HERE!!

10. And because I just had to throw at least one author into the mix,
if you're not already following Victoria Schwab, you totally should.
Seriously, she has some really awesome tweets. :)
Follow her HERE!!

These are just a few of the awesome people that I follow on
Instagram, Tumblr & Twitter!!
Totally check them out!!

And don't forget to follow me as well!!

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  1. OOoh very nice!! I think I follow a lot of these people as well! I know I see one familiar one for sure since she was in my top 10 too! LOL!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Great picks this week! I love this weeks topic, I get to share some of my favourite bookish people but then I am also discovering new ones that I can follow. Thanks for the awesome recommendations :) You can see my picks here

  3. Those are all wonderful!
    For some strange reason i never actually thought about looking on tumblr for people that talk about books. DUH! Thanks for that i will be busy now ;)
    You gave me lots of new people to follow :)

    Fantastic list :)

    My TTT: http://booksbeautifylife.blogspot.de/2016/04/top-10-tuesday-people-you-should-follow.html


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