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My Thoughts: In Another Time by Caroline Leech
In Another Time
by Caroline Leech
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Publication Date: August 28th 2018
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780062459916
Genre: Young Adult | Historical Fiction | WWII
Source: Edelweiss

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Love is worth the fight

It’s 1942, and Maisie McCall is in the Scottish Highlands doing her bit for the war effort as a Women’s Timber Corps lumberjill. Maisie relishes her newfound independence and her growing friendships—especially with the enigmatic John Lindsay.

As Maisie and John work side-by-side felling trees, Maisie can’t help but feel like their friendship has the spark of something more to it. And yet every time she gets close to him, John pulls away. It’s not until Maisie rescues John from a terrible logging accident that he begins to open up to her about the truth of his past, and the pain he’s been hiding.

Suddenly everything is more complicated than Maisie expected. And as she helps John untangle his shattered history, she must decide if she’s willing to risk her heart to help heal his. But in a world devastated by war, love might be the only thing left that can begin to heal what’s broken. (Goodreads)

In Another Time is the second book that I’ve read by the awesome Caroline Leech, and I have to tell you that I enjoyed this book SO much! I read Caroline’s first book, Wait for Me, last year and really enjoyed the story, so I absolutely couldn’t wait to dive into this new book. I just knew that I would love it, and I DID!!

Like her previous book, In Another Time is set during World War II, but this book was all about the Women’s Timber Corps, which was an organization created during the war and recruited women to replace forestry workers who had been sent off to serve in the war. These women could do everything from cutting down trees, to sawing and hauling logs, to working in the sawmills, and I have to admit, I was absolutely fascinated with their story! The fictional tale that Caroline created around this real organization was completely captivating, and the story has stuck with me long after I turned the last page. I even had to do a little extra research about the WTC, and I found so many fascinating stories and photographs online to check out. It’s so interesting!

And, while the story is interesting, I was completely charmed by all the characters as well! I love Maisie and all the women that were in the WTC with her. I flew through the pages as she told their story of training for the WTC, and then moving on to being a full time worker. I can’t even imagine myself doing any of the things she did in this story, but I couldn’t get enough of reading about it through Maisie’s point of view. I also really enjoyed the slow-building romance between Maisie and a fellow lumberjack John Lindsay, and boy does he have quite the story to tell as well.

I also want to add that I also really loved the setting for this book. I have not read nearly enough books that I are set in the Scottish Highlands, and the descriptions were so well written, I could picture everything perfectly in my mind. It’s definitely a place I would love to visit on day, and I would especially love to visit the Women’s Timber Corps memorial as well.

Overall; Caroline Leech definitely has another hit on her hands with In Another Time! I enjoyed this book just as much as I did her previous book, Wait For Me, and I hope she will continue writing this stories in the future, as I definitely need more! If you’re looking for a good historical novel, do check out In Another Time, and also Wait for Me as well! I hope you enjoy them both.

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