Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!! 2019 Goals & Resolutions

HELLO, 2019!!

The new year has officially arrived!!
Whooo hooo!!!

Admittedly, 2018 was not the best year for me. It was a great year for reading, (225 books read), but, not such a great year for blogging or much of anything else, really. I feel like I spent most of the year in the biggest funk ever, but, I've been working on it, and I feel like things are getting better. (Hopefully!!)

That being said, I have a few goals and resolutions, (both bookish and non-bookish), that I'd like to work on it 2019, and if things go as I hope they will, 2019 should a really great year.

*2019 Bookish Goals*

Read 150 Books!
This was my original goal for 2018, and I ended up going well over it. While reading that many books was awesome, I didn't really get to do much of anything else during the year, so I want to keep my goal simple for this year, to include time for other things.

More Catching up on Series!
This is something that I started doing in 2018, and I definitely want to keep it up! I read, or finished reading, quite a few different series that I had read on and off over the years, and I have a long list that I'd like to tackle this year as well!!

Read More of what I want!
Another thing I started in 2018 was to take on less inquiry books, and read more of the books I own. This was awesome, as I got to read what I *wanted* to read, and not what I *needed* to read. I loved this, and definitely want to keep it up.

More Historical Fiction and Romance!
I have always loved historical fiction stories as well as romance novels, and I found myself reading more and more of them this year, and I loved it! I definitely want to read more this year, as well as mysteries!!

*Other 2019 Goals*

Get back into Blogging!
I have been the worst blogger lately, but I seriously just feel like I've had no energy to blog. I was actually torn between shutting down the blog, and wanting to do ALL THE THINGS for the blog, so for now, I'm going to just go with it, and hopefully things will come together in the end. I love my blog. I don't want to close it. I have SO many ideas for it. I just need to find the energy to do it!

Watch More Movies and TV Shows!
I never seem to have time for movies or tv, because I always have my nose stuck in a book! BUT, I've watched some really awesome movies and shows recently, and that makes me want to see more, so I definitely want to see more!! (This also includes more book-to-movie adaptations, because I really want to do a feature for them on the blog this year!!)

Try to listen to Podcasts!!
One would think that as much as I love audiobooks, I would also love pocasts, but... I don't. I was hoping to do a podcast feature on the blog this year, but first I need to find some podcasts that I actually like!

Bullet Journaling and PLANNING!!
Sigh... I cannot seem to get in the habit of keeping a bullet journal, but I finally found one that I really like, and I'm hoping that I can actually keep up with it this year! *fingers crossed!*

*Word of the Year*

I've never picked out a work of the year before, but I wanted to this year, and my word is...
I know what you're thinking... that's not really a good word for the year. But to me, it is. This year I want so much more.

More ME.
More Family.
More Books.
More Movies.
More trying something new.
More getting out of my zone.

But mostly, more ME.

I think I am stuck in a rut because I'm stuck on me, so I want MORE for AND from myself this year. I hope this will help. I need it to help.

*2019 Resolutions*

Stay Healthy and Make Time for Myself!

Spend more time with the family!

Keep up with Social Media!
(I am SO bad at this.)

Save Money!


That's my list of goals and resolutions for this year!
What are some of yours??


  1. It sounds like you're going into 2019 with all the best hopes & intentions... Happy 2019!!

  2. I decided not to add prioritizing series on my goals this year just because I know I won't be able to but I still hope to get around some of them somehow.
    Good luck with your 2019 goals, Christy! Especially on your resolutions! Take care of yourself and I'm not sure if it's the best thing to say, but always put yourself first :)
    Have a great year ahead!


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