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My Thoughts: Courting Darkness by Robin LaFever
Courting Darkness
(Courting Darkness Duology #1)
by Robin LaFevers
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Publication Date: February 5th 2019
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Pages: 512
ISBN: 9780544991194
Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy | Historical Fiction
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Death wasn’t the end, it was only the beginning…

Sybella has always been the darkest of Death’s daughters, trained at the convent of Saint Mortain to serve as his justice. But she has a new mission now. In a desperate bid to keep her two youngest sisters safe from the family that nearly destroyed them all, she agrees to accompany the duchess to France, where they quickly find themselves surrounded by enemies. Their one ray of hope is Sybella’s fellow novitiates, disguised and hidden deep in the French court years ago by the convent—provided Sybella can find them.

Genevieve has been undercover for so many years, she struggles to remember who she is or what she’s supposed to be fighting for. Her only solace is a hidden prisoner who appears all but forgotten by his guards. When tragedy strikes, she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands—even if it means ignoring the long awaited orders from the convent.

As Sybella and Gen’s paths draw ever closer, the fate of everything they hold sacred rests on a knife’s edge. Will they find each other in time, or will their worlds collide, destroying everything they care about? (Goodreads)

Courting Darkness is the very first book in the brand new Courting Darkness duology by Robin LaFevers, and is also the very first book I have ever read by Robin as well! I have had her His Fair Assassin series on my TBR for the longest, but I have not yet had the pleasure of reading it. I am beyond thrilled to have finally read something by her, and now I can’t wait to read more!!

Courting Darkness has both a very interesting storyline, and a great cast of characters. The story is told from two main characters’ viewpoints, and I definitely enjoyed reading both of their stories. Genevieve and Sybella are both daughters of Death, and the whole idea of this being a thing was completely fascinating. Both girls lead completely different lives, yet also have entwining storylines, and I was completely awed by them both. I’m super curious to see what their futures hold in the next book. There are also a lot of interesting secondary characters to meet in the story as well.

The storyline for this book was very interesting, and while it got off to a bit of a slow start, (for me, anyways), it picked up pretty quickly and I devoured it as sooner than I expected to. I really wish that I would have read the His Fair Assassin trilogy before starting this new series, as I feel like there were a lot of things referenced from that series in this new book that I didn’t understand. However, most things were pretty well explained, and I was only confused a few times. (I will, however, most definitely check out that first series asap!)

Overall; My first experience with a book by Robin LaFevers was definitely a success, and I absolutely can’t wait to read more to see where this Courting Darkness duology will go. I am also super excited to check out the His Fair Assassin series as well, and since I just recently added the first book from that series to my collection, I am hoping to get to it soon!

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  1. I have been looking forward to this book! It sounds amazing and unique :) Thanks for the review!


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