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My Thoughts: The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine

The Last Time I Saw You
by Liv Constantine
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Publication Date: May 7th 2019
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780062868817
Genre: Adult Fiction | Mystery | Thriller
Source: Edelweiss Review Copy

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The internationally bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish follows that success with an addictive novel filled with shocking twists about the aftermath of a brutal high-society murder.

Dr. Kate English has it all. Not only is she the heiress to a large fortune; she has a gorgeous husband and daughter, a high-flying career, and a beautiful home anyone would envy.

But all that changes the night Kate’s mother, Lily, is found dead, brutally murdered in her own home. Heartbroken and distraught, Kate reaches out to her estranged best friend, Blaire Barrington, who rushes to her side for the funeral, where the years of distance between them are forgotten in a moment.

That evening, Kate’s grief turns to horror when she receives an anonymous text: You think you’re sad now, just wait. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll wish you had been buried today. More than ever, Kate needs her old friend’s help.

Once Blaire decides to take the investigation into her own hands, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems in Baltimore high society. As infidelity, lies, and betrayals come to light, and tensions rise to a boiling point, she begins to alienate Kate’s friends and relatives with her relentless, accusatory questions, as she tries to find Lily’s killer. The murderer could be anyone—friend, neighbor, loved one. But whoever it is, it’s clear that Kate is next on their list. . .

In The Last Time I Saw You, Liv Constantine takes the lightning pace of The Last Mrs. Parrish and raises the stakes, creating an exquisitely tension-filled and absorbing tale of psychological suspense in which innocent lives—and one woman’s sanity—hang in the balance. (Goodreads)

The Last Time I Saw You is the very first book that I’ve read by Liv Constantine, though I have had The Last Mrs. Parrish sitting on my shelf for the longest. I’m beyond thrilled to have finally read something by these two authors, and now I’m even more excited to read more!

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect when going into this book. I am not a huge reader of murder mystery stories, but I’ve read more and more of the genre lately, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite genre for me!

One of the things that I really liked about this book is that it kept me guessing. A lot of times I can figure out a story pretty early on, but with this one I did not! The book was full of twists and turns, and just when I thought the story was going one way, it took a 180 and went a completely different way. I love that it kept me hooked as I flew through the pages. I read this book very quickly, as I just needed to know what the heck was going on! The last few chapters of the book caught me completely by surprise, and I really enjoyed all the interesting twists along the way!

This book also has an interesting cast of characters, and I totally thought almost all of them were suspects. (I am naturally suspicious of most people, and I trust very few, but that’s not the only reason I thought this.) So many of the characters could have been the bad guy, and none of them were even close to being perfect. I did find myself relating to the main character more than a few times throughout the story, and I probably would have handled the situation the same way she did in the story. Ha!

Overall; The Last Time I Saw You was a fascinating read that was full of interesting characters and kept me guessing the whole story through. I’m definitely even more excited now to check out The Last Mrs. Parrish, and even more books by Liv Constantine in the future. If you do check out this book, I hope it keeps you guessing all along the way as well!

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