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My Thoughts: The Plus One by Sophia Money-Coutts (Audiobook)

The Plus One
by  Sophia Money-Coutts
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Publication Date: May 28th 2019
Publisher: HQ
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780008328641
Genre: Adult Fiction | Contemporary | Romance
Source: Edelweiss Review Copy

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‘So funny. And the sex is amazing – makes me feel like a nun!’ Jilly Cooper

‘Light, fizzy and as snort-inducing as a pint of Prosecco.’ Evening Standard Magazine

‘Hilarious and compelling.’ Daily Mail

‘Perfect summer reading for fans of Jilly Cooper and Bridget Jones.’ HELLO!

The Plus One [n] informal a person who accompanies an invited person to a wedding or a reminder of being single, alone and absolutely plus none

Polly Spencer is fine. She’s single, turning thirty and only managed to have sex twice last year (both times with a Swedish banker called Fred), but seriously, she’s fine. Even if she’s still stuck at Posh! magazine writing about royal babies and the chances of finding a plus one to her best friend’s summer wedding are looking worryingly slim.

But it’s a New Year, a new leaf and all that. Polly’s determined that over the next 365 days she’ll remember to shave her legs, drink less wine and generally get her s**t together. Her latest piece is on the infamous Jasper, Marquess of Milton, undoubtedly neither a plus one nor ‘the one’. She’s heard the stories, there’s no way she’ll succumb to his charms…

A laugh-out-loud, toe-curlingly honest debut for fans of Helen Fielding, Bryony Gordon and Jilly Cooper. (Goodreads)

The first thing that drew me to The Plus One by Sophia Money-Coutts was the adorable cover for the book. It definitely draws your attention! Then I checked out the summary for the book, and knew I had to check it out. The story sounded like a lot of fun, and it was!

If you’ve followed me on social media or here on my blog for a while, you’ll know that contemporaries are my absolutely favorite at the moment, particularly rom-coms, and I can’t seem to get enough of them. The Plus One sounded right up my alley in that department, and I was super excited to check it out.

One thing that I loved about this book is how relatable it was. We’ve all felt the things that Polly felt throughout the story; the insecurities, the lack of confidence, we’ve all been there. BUT, Polly definitely handles all that life throws at her in a much better way that I would, but that just made me like her even more. Thus, hilarious moments ensue throughout the story.

The storyline for the book was cute and lots of fun, but also had a few touching moments as well, mostly involving Polly and her mom. I loved their relationship so much, and though they are going through a trying time during the story, their relationship stays strong. I love that.

I also really enjoyed a twist near the end of the book that I totally didn’t see coming, even though I should have! (Don’t worry, I am not going to spoil it for you, but if you do read the book, do let me know if you saw it coming or not!)

I also want to add that while I had a digital version of this book, I opted to listen to the audiobook, as I discovered that it’s actually narrated by the author, Sophia Money-Coutts herself. This was a really great decision on my part, as Sophia did an excellent job of telling me her story! I wish more authors were narrators for their books. How awesome would that be??

Overall; The Plus One was a hilarious and relatable read, and I enjoyed it more than I expected to! I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Sophia’s books, including her next book, What Happens Now, which is currently set to release in August! (Though I am not sure if that’s for the US release, or the UK.) Either way, I’m excited to check it out.

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