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My Thoughts: Not The Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher
Not the Girl You Marry
by Andie J. Christopher
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Publication Date: November 12th 2019
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781984802682
Genre: Adult Fiction | Romance | Contemporary
Source: Netgalley Review Copy

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How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days gets a millennial makeover in this romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Andie J. Christopher.

Jack Nolan is a gentleman, a journalist, and unlucky in love. His viral success has pigeon-holed him as the how-to guy for a buzzy, internet media company instead of covering hard-hitting politics. Fed up with his fluffy articles and the app-based dating scene as well, he strikes a deal with his boss to write a final piece de resistance: How to Lose a Girl. Easier said than done when the girl he meets is Hannah Mayfield, and he's not sure he wants her to dump him.

Hannah is an extremely successful event planner who's focused on climbing the career ladder. Her firm is one of the most prestigious in the city, and she's determined to secure her next promotion. But Hannah has a bit of an image problem. She needs to show her boss that she has range, including planning dreaded, romantic weddings. Enter Jack. He’s the perfect man to date for a couple weeks to prove to her boss that she’s not scared of feelings.

Before Jack and Hannah know it, their fake relationship starts to feel all too real—and neither of them can stand to lose each other. (Goodreads)

If you know me at all then you know I am a sucker for a good rom-com novel, and once I discovered Not The Girl You Marry, I knew I would have to check it out!

Not the Girl You Marry was described as How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days with a millennial makeover, and I was super curious to get the authors version of the story. I watched the movie a few years back, and while I didn’t love it too much, I still appreciated the storyline, and I was curious to see how this book would compare. While I had a few issues with the book, I found it to be a fun, steamy read!

Here’s what I liked about the book:

First, it has some pretty great characters. I loved Hannah. She was smart and witty, yet sometimes a bit shy and modest. I loved her snarky attitude and how fearless she seemed. Her roommate, Sasha, was pretty awesome as well. Can we all have a friend like Sasha??

I also liked the storyline for the book, but I didn’t LOVE it. Without spoiling anything, I’ll say that both of the main characters were lying throughout the book for their jobs, which is fine and is a storyline that I have read over and over again. Unfortunately I didn’t love most of Jack’s storyline…

Which leads to what I didn’t like about the book:

So, I really, really wanted to like Jack. There were some times in the book where he seemed likable, but then he would do something completely stupid in order to try to 'lose' Hannah for his job. Call me old fashioned, but some of the things Jack did were really awful, and I had a hard time separating the ‘job’ Jack from the ‘real’ Jack. Maybe it’s because I’m hard to forgive, but he really pissed me off with the way he treated her, even if it was for work, and I had a hard time looking past that by the end of the book.

(That being said I did love his family!)

Overall; While I did have a few issues with Jack’s behavior in the story, I did still find this to be a fun read, and I definitely plan to check out Andie’s next book, Not That Kind of Guy, which is about Jack’s sister, Bridget, and set to release in April 2020! (I can’t wait! I loved Bridget!) If you’re looking for a steamy rom-com, do check this out!

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