Sunday, December 1, 2019

10 Blogmas Post Ideas!

Have you ever participated in Blogmas?? This is my very first year doing it, but I did participate in Blogobter a few months back, and really enjoyed it, so I'm very excited to try Blogmas this month!

If you're planning to do it as well, and are looking for some ideas for blog posts, you've come to the right place! Below are just a few posts I'm hoping to do this month, in addition to the book reviews and other weekly posts I usually do, and I'm super excited to post them all! I hope you find something you might like as well!

•   •   •

Your December TBR

My monthly TBR is always my first post of the month! I know some people do not like picking TBR's, (and that's totally ok), but they definitely help me stay on track, especially with review books. If you don't want to post a TBR, how about some books that you might be interested in checking out instead?

•   •   •

December Books You're Excited For

Are there any December Releases that you're super excited for?? How about making a post to share them all??

•   •   •

Your Holiday Book Wishlist

Are there any books that you would like to get for the holidays?? Make a post listing all the ones you'd love to have! (And you may just get gifted some in the process!)

•   •   •

Your Favorite Holiday Movies

Do you love holiday movies as much as I do?? Making favorite movie posts are some of my favorite posts!

•   •   •

Share Your Winter TBR

Winter is right around the corner! Are you a seasonal reader?? I love reading about Christmas and snow-themed books around this time of year! So much fun!

•   •   •

New Authors You Discovered in 2019

Did you discover any new or new-to-you authors this year?? If so, make a post sharing the love for them!

•   •   •

Books You Meant to Read This Year, But Didn't.

We all have a stack, (or more), of books that meant to read this year but didn't, am I right?! Share those!

•   •   •

Favorite Books of 2019

Are there any books from this year that you absolutely LOVED?? (This list could get long, right?!) Share those books and give them some exposure!

•   •   •

2019 Book Challenge Update

If you participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge this year, share the progress you made over the course of the year!

•   •   •

2019 Book Wrap Up

Did you have a great book year this year?? (Or even a not so great book year??) Share what you read and more!

•   •   •

Do any of these posts sound good to you? Feel free to use them!

And GOOD LUCK with Blogmas if you do decide to participate!

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