Saturday, August 1, 2020

22 Book Blog Post Ideas for August!

Happy August!

Welcome to my very first-ever list of monthly blog post ideas! Why am I sharing this post? Well, I really want to get back into blogging, and I am hoping that having a premade list of ideas to choose from will give me the motivation and inspiration to post every month. (At least it did last year when I did this for Blogtober and Blogmas!) I am in the worst blogging funk lately, so I am really hoping this helps!

Below are just a few ideas for things I am hoping to post this month! (Fingers crossed!) If you're participating in the August Bookstagram Challenge hosted by @Loriimagination and me over on Instagram, you may recognize a few of these prompts from that challenge! I am always thinking that some of the prompts from our challenge would make good blog posts, so I plan to (hopefully) share them here as well!

(Credit to Lori for her prompts from the challenge! Check out her Blog and Instagram!)

•        •        •

18 Bookish Things You Can Post About This Month...
(In no particular order!)

•        •        •

1. Your August TBR:
Share what books you're hoping to read this month!

2. Upcoming August Releases You're Excited For:
Share what books you can't wait to read this year!

3. Book Reviews: 
 Have you read any awesome books lately? Share what you thought of them!)

4. Waiting on Wednesday / Can't Wait Wednesday
(Now hosted by Wishful Endings!)

5. Top Ten Tuesday
(Hosted by ThatArtsyReaderGirl!)

6. # Reasons why you like __!
(Ebooks, audiobooks, paperbacks, mysteries, contemporary, etc!)

7. Book Series Spotlight
Are you reading or just finished a book series that you love? Share what you thought of it!

8. Have You Read This??
(Recommend a book, (or books), that you love.)

9. Newly Discovered Authors
Have you discovered any new authors lately? Share their names and books!

10. __ Popular Books You Still Haven't Read
Are there any books that you just haven't read yet??

11. Reasons Why You Love Your Current Favorite Genre
What genre do you absolutely love at the moment, and why?

12. Book Cover Love
Share a few book covers that you LOVE!

13. Weekend Reading
What are your weekend reads? (Also #FridayReads)

14. Last, Current, and Next Read
Share what you're reading!

15. Oldie But Goodie Books
Share some books you read way back when, but still LOVE!

16. Your Favorite Fictional Tropes
Share which you love and why!

17. Bad Book Covers
This pretty much explains itself.

18. Reading Challenge Update
Are you participating in any reading challenges?? If so, share your progress!

19. Book Blogger Love
Share some book bloggers that you love or recently discovered!

20. Your Favorite Reads of August
Share what books you really, REALLY loved this month!

21. Your August Book Haul
Share all the new books you added to your collection this month!

22. Your August Wrap Up
How was your reading month in August??

•        •        •

There you go, Bookworms! I hope this post helps give you some ideas for blog posts, should be in need of them. I am hoping that it helps me get back to blogging, at least. (Fingers crossed!) If this goes well, I'll post some new prompts in September!

Happy Reading... and Posting!

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