Friday, October 7, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Bridger by Megan Curd

(Bridger #1)
by Megan Curd
Publication Date: June 4th, 2011
Publisher: Soul Fire Press
Pages: 258

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Ashlyn McVean doesn't believe in fairy tales. That is, until Ashlyn is thrown into the crosshairs of grudges her grandmother created long ago. After finding out she is one of two people able to cross between faerie realms, Ashlyn is faced with trying to understand her abilities, along with navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend, Liam. As if being on a centuries old hit list and dealing with crazed pixies isn't enough, her new abilities mean trouble for Liam. Knowing her new life puts everyone she loves in danger, Ashlyn must decide what's most important in her life between friends, family, love, and ultimately, realms. (Goodreads)
I was very excited to read Bridger after I was contacted by the author. Bridger was definitely an interesting read that kept me guessing throughout the book!

The main character in the story is Ashlyn. I found Ash to be a very interesting character. I like that she took in stride all the weird, new stuff that was happening to her. She definitely wasn’t the weak, wimpy character that makes me roll my eyes. I really liked her relationship with Liam, who is her Protector. I definitely have a thing for the Irish men. Ha!

The secondary characters were enjoyable as well. I found Ashlyn’s Memaw to be a very, very interesting character. The woman was very mysterious! I really enjoyed reading her story.

The character I liked the most in the book would probably be Ashlyn’s best friend, Reece. I found him to be a great friend to Ash, he was definitely the kind of friend you would want to be around in times of need. I’m totally for the awesome BFF’s!

The storyline for the book was very interesting, and the book was well paced. I read this in just a few hours time, and the book held my attention very well.

Overall, I really liked this read. I’m looking forward to reading more work by the author in the future.

Now that you  know what I think about the book, want to read it yourself?? Megan is kindly giving away one free ebook at each tour stop! Just leave a comment below with a valid email address to enter the giveaway. This giveaway will end on Friday, October 14th.

There will also be a grand prize giveaway at the end of the tour with a signed print copy and swag. The last day/stop of the tour is Nov. 13 at A Tale of Many Reviews.

You can also check HERE to see who is next on the book tour!

Also, the author wanted to mention that for every book sold, $1 is going toward a community of single moms and low-income families in Ecuador! What a great cause!

Happy Reading and GOOD LUCK!


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