Monday, January 2, 2017

My 2017 Goals & Resolutions

Hello, 2017!!
A brand new year has finally arrived, and I'm so thankful for that.
Here are a few goals and resolutions that I have for the new year...


Read 100 Books
Shouldn't be hard to do! My goal for 2016 was 125, and I managed to meet that!

Watch 100 Movies
I've tried to do this for the past three years, and I actually completed it in 2016!
I can't wait to try again.

Learn a second language
This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. Wish me luck!

Learn to Bullet Journal
I've started this already, and I LOVE IT!!
Here's hoping I can keep up with stuff better this year.

Save Money
We have a lot of events coming up that we need to save for, so I must work on this.
*enter book buying ban*
(Ok, not on ALL books, but definitely going to have to tighten that leash.)


Walk More
So, I tried running in 2016, and it just wasn't for me.
So this year my plan is to just hit the track and use the treadmill more!

Keep Eating Healthy
This is another resolution I started last year, and I've stuck with it for the most part!

More Audiobooks
Another resolution from last year, but I still didn't listen to enough.
Definitely want to listen to more this year!

Be picky about what I read
I got a LOT better at this last year, but it still needs a little work.
I *have* to make more time for books I *want* to read, instead of those I feel I *have* to read.

Use Netflix / Watch Tv Shows
Sigh. I am the WORST at this. I start a new show, and lose interest really quickly.
I definitely want to try to catch up, and stay caught up on some shows I started
and a few new ones as well.

Be a Better Blogger
This is something I *really* need to work on this year.
I've been doing much better lately about updating my blog, but I basically suck at everything else.
Especially remembering to visit other blogs and returning comments.
And it's not just the blog really, it's on most of my social media as well.
I don't intentionally ignore comments, I just usually spaz and forget to reply most sometimes.
That's because I have the attention span of a GNAT.
I must work on this!!

Stress Less
This is probably one of the most important resolutions that I have.
And I think everyone in my family wants this for me.
I *must* stop stressing so much over EVERYTHING.
This is going to be so hard, but I must work on it.

There you have it! My goals and resolutions for 2017.
(I have some more personal goals and resolutions to work on as well,
but those are just for me to know about.)

What are some of your 2017 goals and resolutions??


  1. Such awesome goals. My health ones are similar to yours. Can't believe you can read 100 books and watch 100 movies. I need to watch more movies too! Happy New Year!

  2. I love your goal of learning another language! I tried bullet journaling last year. It was amazing, but not something I could keep up with.

  3. Awesome goals and resolutions! I am with you on walking more and stressing less. I hope to save more money as well! I am in awe of your reading goal! I didn't even reach 80 this year like in past years. I hope 2017 is good to all of us! Happy New Year!

  4. I keep meaning to give a bullet journal a try, I might do it this year too!

  5. What an amazing list. You've just reminded me to go update my Life list and to see what things I can tick off the list and what to accomplish this year. I made goals for my blog but didn't even think to include personal goals. Off to brainstorm.

  6. Happy New Year, Christy! Good luck with all your goals.


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