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My Thoughts: Avenged by Amy Tintera

(Ruined #2)
by Amy Tintera
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Publication Date: May 2nd 2017
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 412
ISBN: 9780062396631
Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy
Source: Edelweiss Review Copy / Own

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A war that will fuel her. A bond that will destroy her.

Emelina Flores has come home to Ruina. After rescuing her sister, Olivia, from imprisonment in rival kingdom Lera, Em and Olivia together vow to rebuild Ruina to its former glory.

But just because Em and Olivia are out of Lera doesn’t mean they are safe. Their actions over the past year have had consequences, and they are now targets of retaliation. Olivia will destroy everyone who acts against Ruina. Em isn’t as sure.

Ever since Em posed as Prince Casimir’s betrothed in Lera, she’s started to see another side to this war. Lera may have destroyed the Ruined for decades, but Em knows that Cas is different. And now that he’s taken the throne, Em believes a truce is within reach. But Olivia suspects that Em’s romantic feelings for Cas are just coloring her judgement.

Em is determined to bring peace to her home. But when winning the war could mean betraying her family, she faces an impossible choice between loyalty and love. Em must stay one step ahead of her enemies—and her blood—before she’s the next victim in this battle for sovereignty. (Goodreads)

Avenged is the second book in the Ruined series by Amy Tintera, and was also high on my list of books to catch up on this summer. I recently re-read Ruined to refresh my brain before starting this sequel, and I’m thrilled to finally move ahead in the story. I was super curious to see what was going to happen next in the story, and now that I’ve finished the book, I’m even more excited to start the third book, Allied, soon!

Avenged picks up right where Ruined leaves off, and after that massive cliffhanger in Ruined, I was dying to know what was going to happen next. Without giving much away, I will say that this story kept me on my toes, and definitely kept me turning the pages. The storyline was super interesting, and I enjoyed the world-building as well.

Along with a great story, we also get some really awesome characters in this book as well! Not only do we get to see a lot of the characters from the first book in this sequel, but we also get to meet a few new interesting characters as well. (Olivia, for one, was definitely interesting, and a bit terrifying as well.) I am very much enjoying watching these characters grow over the course of the book, but Emelina is the one I am enjoying the most. She’s such a great character, and I hope great things happen for her in the future.

Overall; Avenged was an interesting follow up to Ruined, and now I can’t wait to get my hands on Allied! I am so glad that I decided to read this series this summer, as I am very much enjoying it, and I can’t wait to see how the series is going to end with the last book. I hope to start it soon!

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