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My Thoughts: Vow of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson
Vow of Thieves
(Dance of Thieves #2)
by Mary E. Pearson
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Publication Date: August 6th 2019
Publisher: Henry Holt
Pages: 480
ISBN: 9781250162656
Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy
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Kazi and Jase have survived, stronger and more in love than ever. Their new life now lies before them―the Ballengers will be outlaws no longer, Tor's Watch will be a kingdom, and the two of them will meet all challenges side by side, together at last.

But an ominous warning mars their journey back, and in their rush to return to Tor's Watch, just outside the fortress walls, they are violently attacked and torn apart―and each is thrust into their own new hell.

Unsure whether the other is alive or dead, Kazi and Jase must keep their wits among their greatest enemies and unlikeliest allies. And all the while, Death watches and waits. (Goodreads)

Vow of Thieves, the second and final book in the Dance of Thieves duology by Mary E. Pearson, was my most anticipated read for 2019, and I absolutely could not wait to devour it. This book was everything I didn’t know that I needed, and was an excellent way to wrap up this wonderful series. It is also my first 5 star read for this year! And while I’m thrilled to tell you how much I loved the book, I’m also going to tell you how much I will miss it. I hate to say goodbye!

If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Mary’s The Remnant Chronicles series, and since the Dance of Thieves series is a spin-off of that, of course it is a favorite as well. I have loved everything about this whole series, from the wonderful characters, to the amazing world-building. I didn’t know what to expect from this finally book in the series, but was definitely on board for the adventure it provided.

I have to tell you, (not for the first time), that one of my most favorite things about this spin-off series are the characters. The book is filled with SO many characters that you will absolutely love, (and more than a few you will down-right hate), and there’s even a few that you thought you hated, but end up loving instead, and they are all so great. I am so going to miss these characters, especially Kazi, (and her fantastically close little family), who I love just as much as I did Lia from the original series, as well as Jace, (and his wonderful, huge family). Together they are awesome, and I love them both. But seriously, so many great characters in this series.

I also love the world-building for this book, it is so beautifully described that I can picture everything perfectly in my mind. The storyline for this spin-off series is highly addictive and completely fascinating. I wanted to fly through the pages of this book as quickly as I could, but unfortunately life got in the way and I had to read it slowly, but that actually worked out ok because instead of devouring the book, I had the chance to savor it, which is awesome as well. I totally did not want the book to end, and I’m so sad that I have to say goodbye to these characters and stories. Thank goodness I have each book in multiple formats, as I definitely think I will be starting a new tradition of re-reading the books from start to finish every year from now on, just so I can hang with these characters again!

Overall; Vow of Thieves was a wonderful conclusion to the Dance of Thieves series! And while I loved how everything wrapped up in the end, I absolutely hate saying goodbye to these wonderful characters and their fantastic world. If you’ve not yet picked up any of the books in this series, I highly recommend that you check out The Kiss of Deception, which is the first book in the main series. I hope that if you do check out the books, you love them as much as I do! As for me, I am very much looking forward to reading these again soon, and I am super excited to be starting Mary’s Jenna Fox Chronicles soon as well!

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  1. This sure sounds like a great series! I am happy to hear that it was such a good read you. Great review.


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