Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday Hops 2/17

Follow Friday! #47

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read. It's a great way to meet new blogger friends!

Q: BeefcakeandBabes Asks: I like unique names for characters and am looking forward to coming up with some when I start writing. What’s the most unique character name you’ve come across?

A.Honestly, I can't really think of any names right off the top of my head, but I'm sure there have been some. :)

Another great answer this week. #fail!

TGIF at GReads #15

TGIF at GReads is a Friday Feature hosted by Ginger at!

Book Blogger Pride: What do you take pride in when it comes to blogging?

I take pride in EVERYTHING on my blog! From my followers, to my posts and reviews... I take pride in it all. A lot of it is because I've stuck with it for so long, and worked really hard at it. I love, love, love all the people I've got to meet, and talk with on a daily basis. It's awesome. It may not be much to some people, but it's a lot to me. :)

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  1. LOL, c'mon you can think of names! Think of Hunger Games! :) I have a few different ones, but my post won't be up till after midnight.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi, Christy! I'm an old follower that's just checking in on your lovely blog. Don't worry, I had kind of a hard time with this question, too. It's hard to think of weird names off the top of your head, haha.

    Here's my post: Lilly's Follow Friday! Hope you'll stop by :)

    Lilly @ BookLungs

  3. Hehe, I always skip the Follow Friday questions that I can't answer. Bad, I know but ah, I don't do any other Friday memes. Although I've never heard of this TGIF meme. Might do it next week.


  4. I take pride in everything in my blog too, just like a proud mother. Hehe...

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    Jez@Jez's Bookcase

  5. Epic fail! Haha, they'll all come to you later, your head will be swimming with stupid names. Anyway, new follower, here's mine

  6. It is difficult to think of names straightaway. It took me 20 minutes while I took the dog for a walk.

    Here's my Friday Hop. Stop by if you get a chance.

  7. I really take pride when an author acknowledges my review or blog post about their book. It really just makes my day!


  8. I love blogging as well, all the people I've met! It's fun! When I'm with my family and other friends, I do find myself mentioning bloggers!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  9. Ah, I'm always incapable of thinking of something "special" (in this case names) when I have to, so I totally understand why you can't either. ;)

    I think I'm most proud of having met so many awesome people, too... people I otherwise wouldn't have met, if I had not started my blog.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  10. Hahaha no unique names come to mind? One of the names I think are unique is Cricket. I don't know if it's a common English name (I really think it isn't). but I just found it soooo cute! <3

    Yes, and I agree with you, I'd take pride in everything. I feel like every little thing and detail means a lot :)

    My Follow Friday

  11. You have an amazing blog Christy, you should be proud of it! Posting everyday, reading, promoting, and commenting takes up a lot of time and you always make a point to visit my blog which I really appreciate:) Happy Friday!

  12. I'm hopping along! Nice blog--very cute! =)

  13. I think the issue is if the name is different I often forget it!

    new follower here nice to meet you!

  14. Just hopping by, have a happy Friday!

  15. Haha don't worry; it took me FOREVER to think of my answer to this question!!!! :)

    Have a FABULOUS Friday!!!! :D


  16. I can't think of any names either, but I'm having fun reading everyone else's answers.
    My FF Post
    And don't forget to enter to win a Kindle Fire. My Hottest Boys in Books giveaway ends tonight at midnight!

  17. Tis' fine, it took me a little thinking before I could think of the unique names and even then I don't think they're that unique. I love all the new people you meet through blogging, and the best part is you already have something in common, books! And people don't understand how much effort blogs are, to keep up with posts and reviews...just everything. I completely understand owning your pride when it comes to your blog.

    New Follower!
    Danielle @ Novelly Antithetical

  18. You should take pride in your blog--it's adorable! Did you design it yourself? And you're an awesome commenter, too. :)

  19. lol I initially couldn't think of any weird names too. I love your blog, very cute design. *New follower*

  20. As usual, I am still playing catch up on Saturday. Friday was only enough time to do the twitter and FB follow, and set up the linky on my blog. Sigh! I'm so slow.

    I can relate to drawing a blank. I first thought of Fagin from Oliver Twist, but that seemed so...out of touch. IdK, just seemed to speak to a limited reading experience. I finally chose a good name from my reading, but you'll have to visit me to find out what it is. I'm a new follower, just dropping by to say Happy Friday (and Saturday) follow.


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