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My Thoughts: It Started With Goodbye by Christina June
It Started with Goodbye
by Christina June
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Publication Date: May 9th 2017
Publisher: Blink/HarperCollins
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9780310758662
Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary
Source: Netgalley

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Sixteen-year-old Tatum Elsea is bracing for the worst summer of her life. After being falsely accused of a crime, she’s stuck under stepmother-imposed house arrest and her BFF’s gone ghost. Tatum fills her newfound free time with community service by day and working at her covert graphic design business at night (which includes trading emails with a cute cello-playing client). When Tatum discovers she’s not the only one in the house keeping secrets, she finds she has the chance to make amends with her family and friends. Equipped with a new perspective, and assisted by her feisty step-abuela-slash-fairy-godmother, Tatum is ready to start fresh and maybe even get her happy ending along the way. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts...

The first thing that drew me to It Started with Goodbye was the super adorable cover. (I can't help it; I absolutely can't resist a cute cover!) Then I read the summary for the book and discovered that it was a modern day Cinderella retelling, and I knew I would totally have to check this book out!

When we first meet the main character in the story, Tatum, she's being punished for a crime that she didn't commit, thanks to her best friend's criminal boyfriend. Now Tatum is stuck spending her summer doing community service by day and is under house arrest with her strict stepmother by night, left behind by her father who is away on business and her best friend who was shipped off to boarding school. But just when she thinks things can't get any worse, they actually start to get better, which is not at all what Tatum expected.

There were some really interesting characters in the book. I especially loved Tatum's abuela, who really was like a fairy godmother. There's also Tatum's stepsister, who was not at all what I expected, and Tatum's parents as well. And, of course, there is SK, the love interest in the story. (There is a bit of romance in the book, but it doesn't overpower the story at all, and it's super adorable.) I also really liked the storyline for the book, which, as I mentioned above, is a modern day Cinderella retelling. It's also set in the summer time, and I'm really enjoying all the summer themed books in my TBR at the moment.

Overall; It Started with Goodbye was a really quick, fun summer read! It's a perfect book to have on your Summer TBR. I'm super curious to read the companion novel to this story, Everywhere You Want To Be, which is about Tatum's stepsister, Matilda, and is due to release next May!

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  1. Great review! I have this one on my summer TBR list and I am excited to check it out now. I like that it is a Cinderella retelling - so fun!


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