Monday, October 30, 2017

Week in Review • Week 43

Happy MONDAY, Bookworms!!
Yes, this post is a day late. My bad! If it helps, I'm currently behind on
ALL THE THINGS are the moment. Ooooops.

Here's what I was up to this past week:

I only managed to finish one book this week, and that was Into the Bright Unknown by Rae Carson, which I really enjoyed. I actually hate to see the series end, I've enjoyed reading it so much. You can see my thoughts for the book here!

I'm currently reading four other books at the moment as well, which is getting a big confusing. If I actually took a moment to actually focus on just one book, I'd probably have more finished this week. *grin*

** Side note: I may feel like I'm not reading much lately, but I just recently had to raise my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal, again. So that's pretty cool!

The hubby was home on vacation this past week, so we took advantage of our new Movie Pass cards and went to see American Made and The Foreigner at the theater. Both were good movies, though not really my type.

I also watched the original Ghostbusters, which never, ever gets old, and The Addams Family, both of which were on my Halloween Movies list! I doubt I'm going to get to watch all the movies I had planned for Halloween, but I'm definitely going to try to watch my faves.

I also watched Practical Magic with my fellow Book Club ladies, and that was super fun! It was my first time seeing the movie, and I really enjoyed it. (Much better than the book, which rarely happens.) Probably because Sandra Bullock is awesome. ;)

** No, I have not started season 2 of Stranger Things yet. Soon, hopefully!

If you're on Instagram you should definitely check out #AlltheBooksNov, next months Book Photo Challenge hosted by @Loriimagination and myself! It's definitely lots of fun, and we'd love to have you join us!!

So, as I mentioned above, I'm pretty much behind on EVERYTHING at the moment, which really sucks, and has me super overwhelmed. (Which is probably the whole reason I'm behind to begin with. What a vicious circle life can be!) I can't believe it's almost time to leave October behind and say hello to November. Where has this month gone??

That's all for me this week, hopefully I will have a better week to report next week!

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