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My Thoughts: The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand

The Perfect Couple
by Elin Hilderbrand
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Publication Date: June 19th 2018
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pages: 466
ISBN: 9780316375269
Genre: Women's Fiction | Mystery
Source: Netgalley

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From New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand, comes a novel about the many ways family can fill our lives with love...if they don't kill us first.

It's wedding season on Nantucket. The beautiful island is overrun with summer people--an annual source of aggravation for year-round residents. And that's not the only tension brewing offshore. When one lavish wedding ends in disaster before it can even begin--with the bride-to-be discovered dead in Nantucket Harbor just hours before the ceremony--everyone in the wedding party is suddenly a suspect. As Chief of Police Ed Kapenash digs into the best man, the maid of honor, the groom's famous mystery novelist mother, and even a member of his own family, the chief discovers that every wedding is a minefield--and no couple is perfect. Featuring beloved characters from THE CASTAWAYS and A SUMMER AFFAIR, THE PERFECT COUPLE proves once again that Elin Hilderbrand is the queen of the summer beach read. (Goodreads)

The Perfect Couple is the very first book I've read so far by Elin Hilderbrand, and it will definitely not be my last! I've had quite a few of her books on my TBR for a while now, and even bought one of her previous books to read last summer while we were on vacation. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to read that book, and opted to save it for this summer, and I'm so glad I did. Reading The Perfect Couple has definitely made me want to read more of Elin's books, and I'm happy to add them all to my TBR for this summer!

I was initially drawn to The Perfect Couple by it's beachy book cover. I was looking for summer themed books to read this summer, and this one definitely fit the bill. Not only is it set at the beach during the summer, but there's also a beach wedding, (perfect for wedding season), AND a murder mystery. Everything you're looking for in a great beach read!

The storyline for this book was definitely interesting and kept me guessing as I turned the pages. I'm usually pretty good at figuiring out the mystery early in a book, and while I thought I had it figured out at first, (I did), I love that the book made me question myself more than a few times! Not too many books do that lately, and I LOVED it! All of the characters in the story were suspicious and mysterious, and none of them where what they seemed, which made the story that much more interesting. So much drama! I'm usually not a fan of dramatic books, but this one had me hooked.

Overall; The Perfect Couple is the very first book I've read by Elin Hilderbrand, but it defintely will not be my last! I'm thrilled to have three of her older books, The Rumor, Here's to Us, and The Identicals on my TBR for this summer, and I can't wait to dive into those books as well. I hope they will be great summer reads also! If you're looking for a good beach read, do check out The Perfect Couple!

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