Thursday, October 1, 2020

31 Bookish Blog Post Ideas for October (And Blogtober)

Happy October, Bookworms!!

Today I'm sharing another a list of bookish blog post ideas for October! I started doing this a few months back to try to inspire myself to post more, and I've really had fun with it. (Though my curse seems to be coming up with great blog post ideas, but never having the time or energy to post them. lol) I decided to share again this month because it really has inspired me to post more, and I'm starting to enjoy blogging again.

So if you need some blog post ideas for October, pictured above is a list that may help!
(And I included 31 in case anyone participating in Blogtober needs ideas!)

Happy Posting!

(*Some prompts were borrowed from this month and previous October Bookstagram challanges I do with Lori! (@lorriimagination) Check out her Blog and Instagram!)

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