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Review: Get Dirty by Gretchen McNeil
Get Dirty
(Don't Get Mad #2)
by Gretchen McNeil
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Publication Date: June 16th 2015
Publisher: Balzer & Bray
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780062260871
Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary | Mystery
Source: Edelweiss

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The members of Don’t Get Mad aren’t just mad anymore . . . they’re afraid. And with Margot in a coma and Bree stuck in juvie, it’s up to Olivia and Kitty to try to catch their deadly tormentor. But just as the girls are about to go on the offensive, Ed the Head reveals a shocking secret that turns all their theories upside down. The killer could be anyone, and this time he—or she—is out for more than just revenge.

The girls desperately try to discover the killer’s identity as their personal lives are falling apart: Donté is pulling away from Kitty and seems to be hiding a secret of his own, Bree is under house arrest, and Olivia’s mother is on an emotional downward spiral. The killer is closing in, the threats are becoming more personal, and when the police refuse to listen, the girls have no choice but to confront their anonymous friend . . . or die trying. (Goodreads)
Get Dirty by Gretchen McNeil was one of my Most Anticipated Reads of 2015! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. I read Get Even last year and really enjoyed it, and the cliffhanger ending really had me wondering what was going to happen next. I was definitely not disappointed after reading the book, and at the end, it totally left me wanting even more!

The book picks up right where Get Even leaves off. Margot is in the hospital in a coma, Bree is juvie, and Olivia and Kitty are still trying to figure out who is threatening to ruin DGM before anyone else ends up hurt, or worse.

Can I tell you how much I absolutely love the four main characters in the novel?? Margot, Bree, Olivia and Kitty have only the club in common, but through that they have formed such a strong bond with each other. While the girls had their issues with each other in the first book, they were tight knit this time around, and determined to stop what was happening. And even though there was so much going on in the novel for the girls, McNeil still took the time to give us more information about each one, and I enjoyed getting to know these girls even more.

The thing I really love about this book is that you have NO IDEA who the bad guy is. You can guess and speculate all you want, but you’re going to be wondering right up until the very end. Since there are SO many characters in the book, and half of them are acting suspicious, everyone is a suspect. I had my suspicions, but I hadn’t nailed it down to one particular person. I really love that McNeil kept me guessing right until the very end.

I was curious to see how many books were going to be in the series, but I’m assuming that it’s just going to be a duology. I’m totally fine with that, as Get Dirty wrapped up really nicely to where you can have closure after you close the book, but if McNeil wanted to add another book in the future, she totally could. I actually really hate to see this series end, so if she wanted to keep writing books for it, I’d totally read them.

Also, this series would make a really awesome TV show. Just sayin’!

Overall; Get Dirty was a fantastic follow-up to Get Even. These books are super addictive, and I really enjoyed reading them. Besides these two books, I’ve only read one other book by McNeil, Ten, which I also really enjoyed, and now I’m super excited to read the rest of her books!


  1. Excellent review! This is good to know. I read Get Even a couple months ago and loved it--was hoping the second one was just as good and it sounds like it is!!

  2. Oh nice! I need to read this one asap, but now I got review books piling up. Sigh...but I need to make time for this soon!! Very soon! I loved Get Even and I can't wait to see how this one all turns out! Great review!


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