Saturday, October 19, 2019

10 Favorite Halloween Movies! (And a few I'm hoping to watch!)

One of my most favorite things about October, (besides Halloween), is watching Halloween movies! Well... not scary movies, to be honest, since I'm a big chicken, but I do have a few movies that I love to watch this time of year. Here are a few of them!

(keep reading to check out a few that I'm hoping to watch this year as well!)

Hocus Pocus
Hands down my most favorite Halloween movie!
I've already watched it a million times this month, and I have no regrets.


This movie is so much fun, and is definitely another favorite!

The Addams Family & Addams Family Values
Halloween just isn't Halloween without watching The Addams Family movies!!

I watched this movie about a million times when I was a kid, and it never gets old!

Confession: I was kind of terrified of this movie as a child. Once I watched it again as an adult, I appreciated it so much more.

This is definitely one of my most favorite NON-scary Halloween movies!!

Harry Potter
Ok, technically these aren't Halloween movies, but for some reason I love watching them around this time of year!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
This is not a movie, but is yet another show that I grew up watching every year!
(I still watch it every year. Never fail!)

Garfield's Halloween Adventure
This is another show that I watched over and over again as a kid!
It never gets old!

•   •   •

And here are a few movies that I haven't seen before,
but am definitely going to watch before Halloween!

•   •   •

What are some of your favorite movies to watch for Halloween??
Let me know some of your favorites in the comments, and I might check them out!
(if they aren't too scary!!)

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