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My Thoughts: Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory
Royal Holiday
(The Wedding Date #4)
by Jasmine Guillory
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Publication Date: October 1st 2019
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781984802217
Genre: Adult Fiction | Contemporary | Romance
Source: Netgalley Review Copy

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New York Times bestselling author Jasmine Guillory makes her hardcover debut with a heartwarming Christmas romance.

Vivian Forest has been out of the country a grand total of one time, so when she gets the chance to tag along on her daughter Maddie's work trip to England to style a royal family member, she can't refuse. She's excited to spend the holidays taking in the magnificent British sights, but what she doesn't expect is to become instantly attracted to a certain Private Secretary and his charming accent and unyielding formality.

Malcolm Hudson has been the Queen's Private Secretary for years and has never given a personal, private tour...until now. He is intrigued by Vivian the moment he meets her and finds himself making excuses just to spend time with her. When flirtatious banter turns into a kiss under the mistletoe, things snowball into a full-on fling.

Despite a ticking timer on their holiday romance, they are completely fine with ending their short, steamy fling come New Year's Day...or are they? (Goodreads)

When I discovered that there was going to be a fourth book in the Wedding Date series by Jasmine Guillory I was instantly curious, as I had thought the series ended after The Wedding Party. I was definitely wrong! Royal Holiday is a quick, fun read that you should definitely have on your holiday TBR list!

Royal Holiday is a continuation of the Wedding Date series, but this book is about Maddie’s mom, Vivian. (And we do get to see Maddie in the book as well, but that’s the only character we know from the previous books.)

I have to admit that the storyline for this book was pretty cute. When Maddie lands a job in England dressing a royal family, she asks her mom to tag along with her to take a royal vacation. Cute, right? (Being a mom myself, I kind of love that Maddie asked her mom to go instead of her man.) I definitely enjoyed all the royal parts of the story, as I’m always a little fascinated by that anyway. I could have done with a little more as well!

Along with the storyline, I also really enjoyed the setting for this book. It’s set in London, (a place that I would LOVE to visit sometime), and I loved reading all the descriptions for the places visited in the story. (One day I will visit as well!) I especially loved the descriptions of the cottage, (aka MANSION!).

The characters in the book were all interesting. Vivian definitely had the mom vibe going on, and she was very mature compared to the other ladies in the series. This was both interesting, and a little awkward at times. Her relationship with Malcolm was super cute though, and I enjoyed watching their romance grow over the course of the book.

Overall; Royal Holiday was not at all what I was expecting, but was a fun addition to the Wedding Date series! I definitely want to visit London even more now than I did before. I am assuming that this is the last book in the series, but considering that I thought The Wedding Party was the last book in the series, who knows! If you enjoyed the first three books in the series, definitely check out this newest edition!

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