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My Thoughts: More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer

More Than We Can Tell
by Brigid Kemmerer
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Publication Date: March 6th 2018
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9781681190143
Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary
Source: Netgalley

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*While this book exists in the same universe as Letters to the Lost, it is a standalone title.*

Rev Fletcher is battling the demons of his past. But with loving adoptive parents by his side, he’s managed to keep them at bay...until he gets a letter from his abusive father and the trauma of his childhood comes hurtling back.

Emma Blue spends her time perfecting the computer game she built from scratch, rather than facing her parents’ crumbling marriage. She can solve any problem with the right code, but when an online troll’s harassment escalates, she’s truly afraid.

When Rev and Emma meet, they both long to lift the burden of their secrets and bond instantly over their shared turmoil. But when their situations turn dangerous, their trust in each other will be tested in ways they never expected. This must-read story will once again have readers falling for Brigid Kemmerer’s emotional storytelling. (Goodreads)

More Than We Can Tell is the highly anticipated companion novel to Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer, and I’m so very thrilled to have been able to read this book! I read Letters to the Lost last year, and really, really enjoyed the story, so when I discovered that More Than We Can Tell was a companion novel, I knew I would have to check it out! I am so glad I did! I really enjoyed this book.

Before I get started on this, let me say that while this is a companion novel to Letters to the Lost, you *can* read it as a standalone novel. But, if you have the opportunity to check out Letters to the Lost before starting this book, you should. *wink*

Since More Than We Can Tell is a companion novel, the story is set in the same world as Letters to the Lost, just with different set of main characters. Most of the characters we have already met in the first book, but this story revolves around Rev. (Yes, Declan and Juliet are in the story as well, but it's Rev's story.) I was super curious about Rev when we first met him in Letters to the Lost, and once I discovered that this book was about his story, I knew I would have to check it out. If you’ve read the first book, you will totally understand why. The guy was such a mystery, and I wanted nothing more than to get to know him. Having done so, I can tell you he's definitely a pretty awesome guy.

We're also introduced to a new character in the story as well, Emma Blue, who is a computer-coding wizard, who spends a lot of her free time creating online worlds for people to discover. She's pretty great at it as well. But, like Rev, she is going through a lot in the story, and when their paths cross one dark night, a bond is instantly formed. Though their stories were hard to read at times, they were hard *not* to read as well. The storyline for the book was so engrossing, I could hardly put it down, and when I did put it down, I didn't want to. I'm so glad I read this book.

Overall; if you can't tell by this super gushy review, I really enjoyed reading More Than We Can Tell! The storyline is addictive, and the characters are great. Brigid Kemmerer definitely has another winner on her hands, and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more books by her in the future. If you love a good contemporary novel, do check out More Than We Can Tell! (But don't' forget to check out Letters to the Lost as well!)

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  1. Great review! I really enjoyed reading this book too.


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